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The 5 self-development podcasts I can't get enough of

The 5 self-development podcasts I can't get enough of

To say I'm obsessed with podcasts is an understatement. Free, covering every topic known to man and available at the touch of a button, what's not to love? I listen to at least one every day usually while getting ready in the mornings or on my commute. Here are the ones I keep going back to every week to inspire, entertain or motivate. 


1. The School Of Greatness - Lewis Howes

Hands down my favourite podcast and evidently millions of others. Lewis is a down to earth guy with a crazy work ethic and some seriously impressive friends in his address book. He interviews successful people across different industries, from self-development coaches to comedians, to athletes. There is something for everyone. His interviews leave me with a fresh batch of motivation to work hard on my goals and to consciously nurture my relationships with friends and family. Have a listen here.


2. Earn Your Happy - Lori Harder

I have just discovered Lori’s podcast and I’ve gotta say she knows her self-development shit! She talks about so many different topics within the wellbeing space and interviews awesome people like our pal Lewis. It's essentially a toolkit for navigating life with happiness, energy and conscious decision making. Get your self-help basics covered here.


3. The Goal Digger Podcast - Jenna Kutcher

Also a new discovery and I have quickly become obsessed. Jenna does business in a chilled, relatable, sometimes comedic and down to earth way and for that, I love her. She works hard, gets vulnerable, and reveals her secrets to so many business hacks that help you to work smarter not harder. For the entrepreneurs out there, she’s well worth paying attention to. Get your biz tips here.


4. At Home with… - Lilly Pebbles and Anna Newton

For British gals, this podcast has the best line up featuring girl bosses like Zoella, Liz Earle and Madeleine Shaw. This podcast strikes the perfect balance between work and personal life with an audio tour of the guests' homes, peppered with the secrets to their successes along the way. Lilly and Anna are such lovely interviewers, as delighted and interested in the stories as us listeners are. They seem to preempt the questions I want to ask and easily have their guests opening up and getting into the nitty-gritty. Learn about your fav British entrepreneurs here.


5. The Brendon Show - Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard has for so long been an idol of mine. He really does have all the answers. Always amazed and delighted by his podcasts, he offers both simple and challenging solutions to a plethora of life and business questions. Feeling stressed at work? Feeling lonely? Not feeling anything at all? Brendon will have you feeling pumped and refreshed in little more than 10 mins! Have a listen here.


Happy listening!


PS - I'm always trying to discover new podcasts to listen to so if you have any recommendations for me I'd love to hear them. Let me know in the comments.

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