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A love affair with the Tasmanian wilderness

A love affair with the Tasmanian wilderness

I recently went on a nature-filled trip to Australia’s sometimes forgotten state, Tasmania. Over 7 days we explored quirky Hobart, remote Cradle Mountain, the famous Wineglass Bay, and finally back to Hobart for one last night. Initial plans of hiring a campervan proved unsuccessful but I think we lucked out with the weird and wonderful places we ended up

Join me for a day in the life of a Tasmanian adventure hiking along the incredible Lake St Clair.


Our day began early and the sun was already up to greet us. The view from our Airbnb overlooking Bradys Lake was one of the more liberating sights to wake up to.


Naturally, our sophisticated breakfast of All Bran and strawbs was enjoyed alfresco. After packing a bag of essentials it was time to hit the road.


We set off with little plans of where we’d end up, no phone service to guide us and some well-intended but ultimately useless maps acquired along the way. Optimistically, we headed towards what we hoped was Cradle Mountain.


45 minutes later we faced a rude awakening that Tasmania’s one-road-fits-all system would take us 3 hours to reach where we had in mind and instead settled for something a little closer to home - Lake St Clair. 


On arrival, we were told of the Lake St Clair bush walk that began with a short boat journey. I’m on board with anything involving a boat so little convincing was needed. We headed to the boat jetty and waited with our fellow nature seekers.


It was a tad concerning that everyone in the queue was armed with full sized backpacks that were no doubt filled with tents, cooking equipment, tinned food and several pairs of pants. Despite having only packed a cheese and crisp sandwich each, and a camera, we hopped aboard for a 6km journey to the opposite end of the river.


A bumpy ride in the chilly Tasmania mountains took us here. A modest jetty and little else.


I was ready to ‘rewild’ myself back into a cave woman, connect with the Pachamama and bond with the trees.


Our only responsibility now was to hike the 4 hours back to the car alive, and to enjoy it along the way.


We climbed over trees….


And followed the sound of waterfalls….


We searched for sun beneath the canopy of leaves….


And debated the likelihood of snakes….


We snuck in a selfie…


And watched nature perform it’s dance.


The day had flown by before it was time to get a much needed bite of lunch. With the mutual desire to dine with a view, we ventured off piste and clambered down to the water’s edge.


Here we found an unexpected beach with the forest heading in for a swim.


We climbed more trees….


Tested our balance…

And basked in delight of the Tasmanian wilderness.   

And basked in delight of the Tasmanian wilderness.


We finally settled down as our stomachs grumbled. 20 minutes of silent contemplation and not so silent munching later, we were back to it.


Aidan gallantly cleared the path for his fair maiden.


We finished our trip in record time…..


Stopping only to enjoy the sounds of the river….


And to bid our echidna friend a good day.


We returned home with tired feet, and revived hearts. Muddy trainers and smiling minds. Crumpled maps and fresh stories.

As we watched the sun set on another day in this playground we call life, our adventure drew to a close, but only until tomorrow.

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