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25 ways to creating more zest and adventure in your everyday life

25 ways to creating more zest and adventure in your everyday life

Recently I have been getting jealous. 

I’ve been watching those travelling, tanned, free-spirited people on Instagram digital nomad-ing their way around the globe and embarking on a new adventure every day. I’ve been comparing my own life, one of comfort, great relationships and reliable sunshine, to their lives and wishing I could have what they have.

‘The grass is always greener’, I think to myself. 


Can you relate?


But I haven’t let that jealously linger. My travel moment has come and will come again, just like yours. We are so lucky to live in this time of unlimited opportunity but when there are so many experiences to be had we can lose that precious and important feeling of ‘contentment’. When travel and ‘treat-yo’-self’ aren’t an option we must purposefully open our minds to the people and places in front of us. As my pal Tony Robbins says:




So here are 25 ways to bring adventure and zest to life as it is today…

  1. Get up early and watch the sunrise.

  2. Discover a new place to eat and drink in your city.

  3. Join something new and discover an unknown skill. Find out why that's so important here.

  4. Try out a new diet, perhaps paleo is next for you?!

  5. Reach out to someone to collaborate on a new project.

  6. Pursue a passion project like making a dress or running an event.

  7. Host a party for Halloween, a birthday or no reason at all but to introduce all your friends to each other.

  8. Go on a walking tour of your city.

  9. Order a new type of coffee to freak out your local barista.

  10. Call in sick and have a mid-week self-care day.

  11. Research a fact of the day and delight your colleagues each morning.

  12. Meet new people in a book club or netball team.

  13. Get your fella and go have sex outside.

  14. Try a new kind of exercise and see how your body changes. Ever tried barre body?

  15. Buy an item of clothing you’d never usually wear but makes you feel like Beyonce.

  16. Start meditating and discover an inner peace you didn’t know possible.

  17. Do some charity work and feel the warmth that comes from helping people.

  18. Listen, and only listen, to a friend that needs a sympathetic ear, and watch how much this helps them.

  19. Tell your family you love them with words, not just in a birthday card - cheesy but essential.

  20. Remove the ‘should’ and ‘must’ words from your vocabulary and see how this unleashes a freer, kinder side of yourself.

  21. Go on a country walk and take in all the smells and colours - see why it's so good for you here.

  22. Compliment every new person you meet, according to the book Captivate this is a surefire way to make a great first impression.

  23. Buy a stranger coffee, just to delight them.

  24. Reach out to someone you find inspiring and ask them for tips.

  25. Accept what is and know that when you do that, the world becomes a lovelier, exotic, more enjoyable place to be.

The grass is pretty damn green right where you are.


What adventure will you create today? Let me know in the comments!


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