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Welcome to the Island. I am India, and this is the Island!

Most days I can be found getting stuck into a DIY project in the garage, listening to every Lewis Howes podcast there is and searching sky scanner for a cheap flight somewhere magical. 

I am a design industry drop out, and firm believer that the world is made up of 7.4 billion kind humans. After staggering my way through a few years in the corporate world and reaching burn out, I waved goodbye to my work besties, and set out on a journey to discovering what life is like outside of an office.

India Island was created to record the lessons I've learned since embracing experiences outside of that pesky comfort zone and into more exciting worlds. Here you'll find a delicious mix of brain training for anxiety, tricks to navigating life with a little more sparkle and a constant encouragement to get outside and breath in good old mother nature - rain or shine. All of which I've learnt in the school that we call life and hundreds of books and podcasts.


"Oh, the places you'll go!"

Dr Zeuss